Tuesday, 4 July 2017

SIF Chandigarh - Helping Neglected Gender

Friday, 30 June 2017

#SackManeka Press Release by Men WellFare Trust ( MWT) & @SFFNGO

#SackManeka Press Release by Men WellFare Trust ( MWT) & @SFFNGO
#ShameonYou 4 protecting  Husband Killers & gender biased DV act @ndtv .

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Father's Day Special

SFF Father's day celebrations,  video by Manish Mehta.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

#Satyagrah4Men : Stop Elder Abuse : Join hands with SIF to fight Back!!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

#Satyagrah4Men to Stop Extortion via Fake Molestation or Rape cases in I...

#Satyagrah4Men Must to Join Hand together : 29th April : Jantar Mantar

Monday, 20 March 2017

#Satyagrah4Men : Protest March on 29th April , Jantar Mantar , Delhi.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Save Indian Family SIF

Friday, 27 January 2017

Delhi horror: Woman throws 2-year-old son from first floor in a fit of rage

Monday, 16 January 2017

Learn from China Men : Clear Focus on Life

Saturday, 14 January 2017

To Stop Abuse Men Vote 4 NOTA in upcoming Election !!

We have witness many trending hash Tag in twitter supported by many men as well as women,  like #StopMisuseofRapeLaw, #StopAbuseMen , #Scrap498A , #SaveMale , # StopMenSuicide , #StopElderAbuse , #MenAreHumantoo , #No2maintenance  etc , but none of the Political Party had given any Place in their manifesto as concern.

The safety, suffering , crime against men and their other family members had been ignored by all most every Political Party, as they know we men are not united for our own Constitution right, result we had been taken as granted.

Now , if you really want to stop such misuse of Law or necessary correction to be done in Law’s , there is no other option but to Join hands together and give a clear message to all Political party that we men & their family members are not Free Vote Bank any more.

One may love it or hate it , but fact is it's Political party elected MP/MLA only can change any Unfair laws, and all MP/MLA does any activity on the hope to get increase in their vote share  only .

Even 2 or 3% increase or decerese in their vote share makes huge difference in their number of seats won or lost.

One hand we witness some political Leaders out of country cry in the name of Mother, but does not provide any Protection such age old mothers when they get abused in their own home by Daughter-in-law.

Many political leaders talk about they want to remove the pain of women of this country, but got silent when we say , in this country every 6 min a mother or sister loss their own brother or son, does their pain is not considered as Pain of Women ?

In this Country every 8 min one women’s brother or son or husband had been termed as rapist or molester and subject to blackmailing or extortion via various Unfair Laws, does their pain is not a women’s pain?

Unfair Laws or policy can’t bring fairness in any society it only lead to hatred in Society and destroy the society harmony.  When Society harmony get destroyed , it only increase violence , crime , extortion and it’s common men and women pay the price , history witness.

So, we appeal to all, if any party members call you or visit your Home for seeking Your Vote, give this below list ( must Print) and ask them to include their stand in their party manifesto first, and then only you will review to whom you should vote instead of your own Party "NOTA".

Your Party : NOTA

Please let us know:

·         As per NCRB report the victims of Murder, accident, suicide of Men are 2 to 3 times than women. To address the crime against men and their day to day problem, do you agree to form a Men welfare ministry and Commission?

·         Do you agree to replace the word Men/Women to person in all anti-men laws like, rape, molestation, Work Place harassment, Domestic Violence act, crpc125? The above mentioned laws are poorly drafted and heavily biased against the husbands/men and their families leading to Legal Terrorism and subject to Legal extortion?

·          It was promised in Last Rajya Sabha Committee report, if arrest in most grossly abused IPC section like 498A does not get reduced, there is no option but to make 498A bailable . The NCRB data also shows there is no reduction of arrest even after crpc41A, so do you agree that such laws should be made bailable?

·         What steps will your party take to stop heavy misuse of “Gender Biased” laws and consider the same heinous crime and strong Punishment followed, as present IPC182 and crpc340 had totally failed to control massive misuse of law on innocent men.

·         Do you agree that the differences between husband and wife should be treated as a civil matter (and not Criminal) like all over developed country followed than creating multiple Laws in the name of seeking maintenance should be stopped?

·         Do you agree to scrap the present unfair laws, which allow multiple maintenance and criminal litigation against Husband in multiple courts, when constitution said a person can’t be punished twice for same offense?

·         Do you agree to form a single law with word “Spouse” by replacing the word Husband / wife  in all marriage related laws start from dowry to Alimony?

·         Why you support for giving maintenance to even educated, working, well bodied or adulterous wife, when they are not taking care any responsibility of Husband’s liabilities?

·          What will your party do to ensure that no arrest is made before Final Judgment/ Order in case of a complaint only with verbal allegations under various assumption based law that a women never lie?

·         What is your stand on equal rights on children’s (Shared Parenting) in case of separation of parents?

In case you do NOT receive any reply, tell them we will be forced to assume to that you too, like other Political parties consider Men as disposable gender.

So, better to #Vote4NOTA your own party,  than voting to a party candidate, who does not consider men as human , who also victim of crime , Violence , sexual assault along with subject extortion and blackmailing via multiple #Fakecases  in home and workplaces .

The day your party NOTA will attract more than 10 to 15% vote then see , all political party will be forced to consider Men are Human too and they need a welfare ministry or commission too to address their problems.The NOTA (none of the above) symbol, being used for the first time in Bihar, came about after the designers had taken feedback from villagers below the poverty line and semi-literate voters found that they, too, related the cross sign with rejection. 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Celebrating International Men's Day 2016 - YouTube

Celebrating International Men's Day 2016 - YouTube

Look around, everywhere, every time, every place, contributions of Men can’t be ignored.

From the most important to most difficult environments or to make it short, “TO MAKE EARTH A LIVABLE PLANET”, its men who have most ignored yet most important roles.

Let’s list few contributions in perspective of India and Indians:  Protectors for the World – Defence, Security, Every Father, Every Brother, Every Son  Providers for the World – Farmers, Drivers, Manufacturers, Every Father, Every Brother, Every Son  Catalysts for the World – Scientists, Researchers,


On this year's International Men's Day, SIFar presents a real life picture of men. 

See them toiling hard at work, see the hazards they face and help break stereotypes that our society suffers with.

Men's Rights, Save Indian Family, Save Family Foundation, International Men's Day, Men's Day, Save Indian Family, SIF, Respect, India, Activism, Social Justice, Men's Rights Movement.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Father - Who is he ?

A Father !! Who is he ? 

Ask any one who lost their father or forced to dump their father in old age home.


" If Father have , then Child have all dream , when Father Have , all playing toys have with child. Father may not tell every time to child to remind that he loves you like your mother does , but silently sacrifice all his life to make your dream comes true. many think written , said about mothers , but fathers had been always ignored in India."

A video must watch by all who advocate for Father less child society and made many unfair law by which in India Judges even deny to have some hours of visiting right.

In addition we have male hater Child minister like Meenka Gandhi , who even say father does not need paternity Leave .

Just show all Judges who treat fathers as ATM machines but forget to allow Small time for child to have access their fathers.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Birth of an MRA - Ritwik Bisaria

Birth of an MRA - Ritwik Bisaria.

Save Indian Family is a strong team of dedicated families comprising of victims of misuse of 498A, Misuse of R@pe law & all gender biased laws of India, including NRIs, Sr. citizens who campaign and create awareness about gross injustice and abuse that happen in Indian legal system. 

SIF is a movement which promotes, associates with formation of various NGOs, which intend to work for Men's welfare and strongly believe in replacing the word Men/Women by Person and Husband/Wife by Spouse in any Government law/policy.

No single NGO can claim SIF as a movement of their own. Whosoever believes in SIF ideology is part of this movement. 

This SIF group is not responsible or liable for any illegal/inappropriate advertisement by any member, placed with any source public/private, either online or offline using the name of SIF. This is a non-funded, self supported yahoo group. We do not solicit money from anyone in the name of giving advice or help. Any volatile messages, Lawyers Number, any personal attacks not pertaining to the agendas of SIF movement will be moderated and members will be summarily banned.You can Use Chat/Personnel Mail of Members.

CAUTION: All advice/help in SIF group membership/weekly meetings are free and no membership/fees are charged from any one, for the same. Recently it has been observed that some people/organizations are using resources of SIF network to collect money from new victims in the name of giving advice/help with a sugar coated membership fees/charges etc. We hereby caution all new/old members not to fall in such trap.

Monday, 22 February 2016

SIFAR Presents - Voice of Underprivileged Gender with MRA Vitesh Aggarwal

Neither Society or LAW makers had liberated Men from their Protectors and Providers role , but increased their burden by making multiple Unfair laws where any disputes Men vs Women the man had been termed as Rapist, molesters or wife beaters .

Today even men are not safe in Traffic light crossing, any Tina or Mina can term you molester and prominent Media without any shame will declare guilty even before without hear your concern.
Help Line for abused/distressed Men ( SIF - One) : +91-8882498498 .

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Purush Mange Insaf ( Men Seek Justice) Presented by JM News

A on line News - JM News had released the series of 3 episode on : Purush Mange Insaf ( Men Seek Justice).

Time to #StopAbuseMen as Men are Human Too.

Purush mange insaaf – Part One – J M News 
अन्य • पुरुषयुग Purush mange insaaf – Part One 19 hours ago by Anup Kumar Add Comment 1,016 Views Tweet Cause Jai Hind Maithili News jm news J M Ne...
Preview by Yahoo

Purush Mange Insaaf part-02 – J M News 
अन्य • पुरुषयुग • युवा शक्ति Purush Mange Insaaf part-02 19 hours ago by Anup Kumar Add Comment 1,022 Views Tweet Jai Hind Maithili News jmnews Purush ...
Preview by Yahoo

  • Must Watch and Share to all. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

International Men's Day message by Sonali Kulkarni !!

At a time when maximum Bollywood actor’s still prefer to keep their silence or mum on the fear for being get termed as anti-women, but not afraid an Indian Actress Ms. Sonali Kulkarni.

In her personnel messages she recognize the effort, sacrifice men do in their life and appeal to give some margin to men too, as they also need some space.

She says: “Men are not from Mars, they are from Earth ,which even organizations like UN (United nation) failed to understand. She clearly able to understand , how our Boys  burdened , even before to get right to Vote.They have to start work to earn bread and butter for their family"
School drop outs of Boys are increasing, Sexual abuse of Boys found more than 53%  , but our Women and Child Ministry never shown any concern for such poor boys welfare .

Neither Society or LAW makers had liberated Men from their Protectors and Providers role , but increased their burden by making multiple Unfair laws where any disputes Men vs Women the man had been termed as Rapist, molesters or wife beaters .

Today even men are not safe in Traffic light crossing, any Tina or Mina can term you molester and prominent Media without any shame will declare guilty even before without hear your concern.

In 2007, when I first associated to celebrate the Idea of Men’s day in India in big way, a honest confession today, had discussed the same with many Media Journalist, but maximum Men Journalist even refused to discuss and blindly said it’s #MensWorld and there is no place of a Day to recornise .  The self-less effort, sacrifice of common men does for family, society to be taken as Granted only .

But there was some Women Journalist like Ms. Veenu Snadhu of HT , Vineeta Pandey of DNA who called Us and try to understand why we need to celebrate the International Men’s Day. They made some front page articles and encourage many of us to take the cause to masses and since then no looking back.

Today large number of  men as well as Women Journalist, actors, actress, Sports person , common men , social activist , young girls and boys feeling happy to know that in our history such a day is celebrated .

Every year more and more country and Organizations Coming forward to support the same and toady all are saying : Respect Men, Men are Human too in their own innovative way .

This year we even witness in Twitter Hash tag like #WearBlue , #ShowMenSomeLove on the eve of International Men’s day the women had outnumbered in tweet than men .

Almost all FM radio station all over India whole day wishes Happy Men’s day to their listeners.

Victim of Murder, Suicide, and Accident in every country men outnumbered women by 2 to 3 times, still Misandric UN prefer to sleep and ignore the issues men faced in their every day life.

But who cares, UN recognize or not today many men and women understand the need of #MensDay19Nov as Men are Human too.

God had given enough Power to both Men as well Women to destroy each others or Love each other, but when both compliment each others the world became wonderful and when they try to compete against each others , the world get destroys .

So, Choice available with you . Wants to Show Men some Love with respect or keep abuse them and promote male hater !!

History grantee, what ever you will choice love or hate, in return you will get the same with interest, 100% grantee.

Respect Men , Men are Human too !!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

#RIPManujGupta - We lost a brave MRA in Car accident Yesterday !

#RIPManujGupta - We Lost a Brave MRA in Car Accident !!

It is very painful to share that our greatest MRA, Manuj Gupta (Founder, DAMAN) and Ex-Moderator of SIF Yahoo Group left us Yesterday Night.

Anupam Dubey was also in same car which met with accident on Yamuna Express Way. Anupam is OK, but suffering in great Shock , under doctor observations ( Wish get well soon )

Manuj who coined the word via registering the NGO called DAMan (“The Man”), when come to our SIF group, was with full of fire, high passion and with Lot of dreams.

Within months taken responsibility of SIF moderator role and started weekly meeting in Kanpur, multiple events to create awareness in society. Some time he used to be very cute, some time with full of emotion!!

Many fear less activity he done, like Protest in front of Parliament without any fear, facing Biased Judges in Court, threat form Gonads and Police during his fake cases, but he prefer to fight back than surrender to Legal Terrorism and  won DV case, never got arrested in 498A and End MCD with Zero Money .

The one of biggest achievements in High court when his wife asked to transfer all cases to her home town, every one told it will be difficult to fight such cases as Judges transfer the cases to Wife city without seeing the merit, but he prefers to represent by self than hire advocate.

Judge asked where your advocate is and do you know law?

He replied: “My lord, to say truth there is no need to know law, to say lie one need to know law and advocate. Kill me here itself and hand over my body to my parents , but will not able go to  Home town of my wife  to fight case , as my BIL is a Gunda and he will kill me and throw my body in some un-known place , which even my parents will not be see my dead body . So better you kill than my BIL kill me, at least my Parents will not be deprived to see my Dead Body!”

He won the case on merit, but it shows the confidence and fearless he was.
Witness his many media activity social as well as print and electronic media and the Blast he given to Barkha Dutta NDTV Show (maximum portion was edited), when she ask audience to Poll by giving one sided story.

His word: “Mam here is a case where I had proved in Court it was wrong allegations, but you don’t brother to hear the same and without even hearing the same asking people to Vote based on a Story , which we do not know true or false ? So, an Allegations based story has more value to you than Court order based Fact to You? “  

Ms. Barkha Dutt openly say, yes she is taking side and she will keep doing that, because it’s her believe. One will wonder, if so why she claim a News anchor, if she wants to put her views is not fair to be a Panelist than misuse the Anchor Role of Program!

He dream many think but one I would like to put his  message in SIF Yahoo Group  appeal for creating 100NGo to  all over India  in every city to provide some helping hand to abused and distressed men .

Like that many incidence in my memory, can't express in words, hope he will take rebirth soon in some here some form as DA-Man, as a MRA don't die, it’s a soul, which only change their form of body!!

He used to blog at :


(The Author is the founder of DAMAN (Dowry Act Misuse Abolition Network), an organization fighting against the Misuse of Dowry Laws, and protect Men and his family from False implications due to Laws pertaining to gender discrepancy.)

All his activity you can witnesses in his Blog , but a heart touching Post he written after got Divorce a must read for all Re-Birth of Manuj Gupta .

We know we can't get back to him or any condolence is enough to the loss of his family, but at least we can show some love and respect to one of our brave MRA by saying in #RIPManujGupta at twitter and Facebaook , as Main stream media will not going to recornise his effort and sacrifice he had done for Men rights movement.

The Last Message From Manuj Gupta - DaMan !!